Scrunch goes to Hollywood! This is too exciting for words - we have finally made it to Hollywood.  Keep a lookout for our Paddington Pack-Away Bucket featured in the new Paddington Bear II movie being released in November.  Here's a little preview.........stock … [Read more...]

Summer Gift Sets

For all those who love lime green, like me, check out Wicked Uncle's website for our gorgeous lime green Scrunch-bucket, spade and frisbee sets. … [Read more...]

Summer Scrunch

My apologies for the silence..........we've been head down in designs :).  Any minute now we will be able to tell you where you will be able to buy some FABULOUS co-branded Scrunch products.  We've been working hard with a fashion retailer over the past few months producing a … [Read more...]

New balls please……

scrunch ball and extendable net

Fabulous new Scrunch-balls and net colours have just arrived for the summer - when it arrives ;) - designed to compliment each other.  Let us know if you need stock as we have plenty.... … [Read more...]