The Igloo season has started!

Girls standing in large snow fort

It's time to take your Scrunch-buckets skiing........and look what you can build when you are not whooshing down the slopes. Hours of fun building igloos with friends. We are offering a Scrunch-bucket for every design sent in until Christmas...... … [Read more...]

Scrunch in Mustique

If only we could accompany our Scrunch brand to all these gorgeous places around the world. You can now find us in one of the world's most luxurious resorts. I understand someone we all know bought one yesterday :) … [Read more...]

Spooky Halloween Bucket

Halloween Bucket

Halloween already...... and we're working on some exciting projects for 201. We also have a few new products to offer in March next year. In the meantime, we thought we should get our spider out before it gets too dark! Happy Halloween........ … [Read more...]

Scrunch goes to Hollywood! This is too exciting for words - we have finally made it to Hollywood.  Keep a lookout for our Paddington Pack-Away Bucket featured in the new Paddington Bear II movie being released in November.  Here's a little preview.........stock … [Read more...]