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image of a hamock with scrunch products image of green scrunch bucket filled with bulbs image of multiple scrunch buckets pink retractable fishing net pink girl outdoor play

Scrunch makes life outdoors fun.

Does your child like collecting stones? Or frogs? Or snails? Or leaves and flowers? Give them a Scrunch-bucket and let them wander around and see what they fill it with. Catching tadpoles just got easier with the telescopic Scrunch-net you just happened to squeeze into the Scrunch-bucket. Oh yes, and the Scrunch-spade too, perfect for digging up insects under wood or stone.

And what about gardening? The Scrunch-bucket and Scrunch-spade just made weeding Granny’s vegetable patch much more fun, and use the Scrunch-net to catch caterpillars and check the fish in the pond.