Fun in the sun with our swimming bags
Fun in the sun with our swimming bags


  • image of a hamock with scrunch products

Scrunch Products are designed specifically to be easily stowed away into a small space to make travel easy.

Goodbye to rigid plastic buckets, balls that cannot be packed into hand luggage, dangly long fishing nets, and annoying hard sand moulds and spades ~ hello to rolling and scrunching, to folding and squashing our amazing products into very small spaces!

Squash them into your pocket, squish them into the corner of your suitcase!

All the Scrunch Products can be rolled, folded and squashed into the Scrunch rucksack – easy for travelling by plane, by car, by bike or on foot, perfect for camping or caravanning, boating or biking.

Perfectly proportioned products with many uses ~ see how little space you need to stow them away!