Fatface Foundation and Scrunch working together

Fatface display

Finally it’s public!  After much fun and hard work over the last few months we can proudly say Scrunch has arrived at Fatface!  Working with the Fatface Foundation team has been great and to see their colours displayed in store is hugely exciting. They will also be featured at the 20/20 Sussex/Surrey match at the Ageus Bowl this Sunday (23rd July) for all our cricket fans!

Fatface say:-

Some very exciting beach stock has touched down in our ALOA stores over the weekend. You can now find Scrunch beach product in most of our seaside stores. 100% of the profit will be going to the Foundation to support the programs we are involved in and supporting local charities.

If you are off on your holidays and pass one of our sunny seaside town stores, pop in to see if you can pick up some of our uniquely branded Fatface Foundation beach product.

After all you can never have too many Bucket and Spades…